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Hello and welcome to my website.  If you haven’t been here before please consider yourself welcome and grab a refreshing drink whilst I take you through as much of moving to Ghana as I possibly can.

I will do my best to inform you of the do’s, don’ts, where and how to’s as much as I can.  It can be a little tricky to get your head around especially if you are thinking of moving abroad.  If moving to Ghana or even Africa is on the cards then this is the page for you.  Here I am to help!

Click on any of the navigation buttons above and dive straight in.  In case you need any specific help or would like to work with me please hit the “Contact Us” button below.


Explore the wildlife in Ghana.  Experience new places and do something new.



Beaches that are guaranteed to cause you to relax.  Feel the sand and water move between your toes as you experience life.



Great food which is accessable at each street corner.  You’ll never be caught out hungry with such tantalizing foods on offer.

How To Move To Ghana
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How To Move To Ghana
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Natural Ghana Girl shares her experiences of moving from the UK to Ghana. Includes information about local food and places to visit.
Moving To Ghana


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